• Rapid Application Development Framework

    Our development environment is based on continuity and a no- or low-code platform that significantly accelerates the development and deployment time for business applications and reduces costs. Modern software development sets new standards. Through the use of no- or low-code platforms, integrated applications can be configured to conserve resources. Reusable building blocks and the use […]

  • Big Data – Analysis – Alert Management

    Recognizing big data potentials, analyzing data and using it efficiently to support all employees in their daily decisions. The importance of data analysis solutions has grown rapidly in the face rapidly because of a fast changing business and data environment. We enable your company to analyze your data systematically and to process and evaluate large volumes of […]

  • Mobile Applications

    Smartphones and tablets have become an indispensable part of our everyday lives, and it is logical that they are being used more and more in the world of work. Simple mobile apps enable a quick and structured processing of the occurring cases via standardized QM functions incl. tasks, release, signing under consideration of the respective […]

  • Kanban – Tasks Management

    Adaptable Kanban tools for enterprise management – easy to collaborate, structure the work and keep track of all tasks –  integrated quality-, workflow-, project- and task management Whether complex business processes, simple tasks, QM procedures or flexible projects – every employee can always help shape the company processes according to requirements. Due to the networked […]

  • Workflow/Business Process Management

    Integrated task, workflow, project and quality management In a single work basket, your employees will find all the tasks to be completed from all projects, the operative business and all areas of the company! Workflow Management helps you to structure your company’s processes and to integrate all areas of the company. Standard workflows can be […]

  • Time Recording/Production Data Acquisition

    Maintain an overview of your business processes and record your time worked quickly and easily. Easily and quickly record all operating data relevant to you, such as working hours, machine data, process data, order data, and display them clearly, e.g. for the respective projects and orders, as a comparison of planned and actual data.

  • Integrated ERP – CRM – SCM Workflow System

    Flexible and integrated ERP system for all business areas and processes such as CRM, purchasing, sales or inventory management. The ERP system of the Innofuture Enterprise Manager controls all processes and information necessary for daily work in the various departments and business areas. From the first customer contact to the ongoing aftercare, new requirements of […]

  • Knowledge Management

    Identify and network your existing operational knowledge, because the optimal use of existing knowledge creates competitive advantages for your company. Establish a knowledge-based corporate management system including a knowledge database for customer service, development, projects, order processing, etc., which is continuously filled with work and at the same time makes the relevant knowledge available to […]

  • Quality Management

    Check lists specially tailored to each process type leave nothing to chance. The integrated quality management can be used in all applications from the project to individual tasks to the production data acquisition. The QM manual, QM inspection system, release and signing are available both on the desktop and mobile.

  • Document Management

    Structured and integrated document processing – directly networked with all information from business cases, processes and projects The Enterprise Manager supports you in the systematic administration of your documents. All applications and processes can be made available in the Enterprise Manager in one system via the web and yet you still work just as comfortably […]

  • Email

    Relief from email chaos and daily overload! The mobile world of work begins today! Structure e-mails and link them to the important business information of all your business cases. You will see how easy it can be to avoid the e-mail overload. Use the powerful email functions to communicate within your company and outside. All […]

  • Calendar

    Appointments are linked to all important information and are available both on the mobile devices and via the browser in the system. Network your information! Use calendars and contacts to organize your appointments and to get in touch with your business partners and employees. Appointments from all areas of the company and from all projects […]

  • Individual/Custom Solutions

    The INNOFUTURE Enterprise Manager can be easily and quickly adapted to the individual requirements of your company. On the one hand the flexible Workflow Management System, but above all individual applications, which are composed of various ready-made modules, enable a multitude of simple adaptations. In 95% of all cases, individual applications can be realized without […]

  • Business Intelligence/Controlling/Reporting

    Transforming company data into information, which in turn is done by applying experience to knowledge. This includes all processes and systems with which market, competition and company data can be systematically analysed. The INNOFUTURE Enterprise Manager combines active corporate management with operative implementation in all business cases. For example, events and operative implementation in workflow/quality […]

  • Multi-Project Management

    Integrated task, project, process and quality management Maintain an overview of your current and planned projects. The INNOFUTURE Enterprise Manager supports you in structuring, planning, time recording, ongoing progress control, analysis and accounting of your projects. Real-time change management for ongoing expansion and change of procedures by all employees Whether complex business processes, simple tasks, […]