Transforming company data into information, which in turn is done by applying experience to knowledge. This includes all processes and systems with which market, competition and company data can be systematically analysed.

The INNOFUTURE Enterprise Manager combines active corporate management with operative implementation in all business cases. For example, events and operative implementation in workflow/quality management are integrated in risk management and all information is immediately made available for analysis in reporting, planning and BI portals.

Ready-made reports, analyses and planning – real-time information management and integration of all areas

Always access the correct evaluation directly in the business case or in controlling, simply modify it and filter and analyze the important data immediately and independently.

Analyze your available data! Use drill-down and various data filters to immediately make accurate statements about events and business cases.

Enable your employees to access all relevant information directly in the tasks, processes and projects, to integrate their own planning and information into the entire information system of the company.

Status Reporting/Decision Support

Print reports/templates

Online Reporting/Drill-Down

Individual export of data

Management Cockpits

ETL/data interfaces to various systems

The abbreviation ETL stands for Extract, Transform and Load and is a data transformation process, especially in the data warehouse environment.