Recognizing big data potentials, analyzing data and using it efficiently to support all employees in their daily decisions.

The importance of data analysis solutions has grown rapidly in the face rapidly because of a fast changing business and data environment. We enable your company to analyze your data systematically and to process and evaluate large volumes of data in real time and with high quality.

Our data analysis is based on Open Source Apache Software Foundation Projects, which are best practice and counting as industrial standard.

.Apache Kafka and Apace Solr are used as a basis but also other projects are included like Apache PLC4X, Apache Flink, Apache Beams or tools like Apache Airflow or Apache Streampipes as well as further AI frameworks.

In general we rely on a quick roll-out and an easy adaptability of software through using no code or low code system frameworks like the Innofuture Enterprise Manager.

The Apache big data software projects are best practice and widely used in the industry.

Alert management is particularly important when it comes to the rapid detection of critical plan deviations or business-critical problems. With alert management, delays in responding to critical situations can be avoided by significantly reducing the time between noticing such situations and responding to them which we support with No Code workflows and quality management checklists. Our workflow management, with its integrated alert management functions, further supports structuring process which can be integrated in online and offline business applications.