Recognizing big data potentials, analyzing data and using it efficiently to support all employees in their daily decisions.

The importance of data analysis solutions has grown rapidly in the face of ever faster changing framework conditions. We enable your company to analyze your data systematically and to process and evaluate large data volumes in real time and with high quality. Our data analysis is based on SolR and other tools. SolR uses the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) for communication and supports file formats such as XML, JSON or PDF. Both the formatting of the search results can be adapted as well as the internal structure of the index and the analyzers used for indexing. In this way it is possible to quickly create a search server without much implementation effort and to adapt it to new requirements if necessary. SolR is fault tolerant and very scalable. The search platform can therefore be used for applications in the Big Data environment.

Alert Management is particularly important when it comes to the rapid detection of critical plan deviations or business-critical problems. With Alert Management, delays in responding to critical situations can be avoided by significantly reducing the time between noticing such situations and responding to them. Our workflow management, coupled with alert management, further supports the decision-making process in the enterprise, even in day-to-day tasks.