Integrated task, workflow, project and quality management

In a single work basket, your employees will find all the tasks to be completed from all projects, the operative business and all areas of the company! Workflow Management helps you to structure your company’s processes and to integrate all areas of the company.

Standard workflows can be easily and individually adapted to your company-specific processes.

Through automatic integration with other areas such as project management or sales, communication throughout the company is improved and all relevant data is immediately available.

Software-supported process modelling, process analysis and process optimisation under the premise of fast recording and transparent implementation of the process organisation.

Real-time change management for the ongoing expansion and change of procedures by all employees.

Whether complex business processes, simple tasks, QM procedures or flexible projects – every employee can always help shape the business processes according to requirements.

Due to the networked information and events, all employees can always proactively control all business cases in the company with system support. Especially through the integration of the entire communication with all tasks and processes in the company, all information is always available for a structured corporate control.

Integrated content and process management

Routine work (automation) and knowledge work (ad hoc processes)

Short machining and throughput times

More transparency in business processes

Higher service levels

Integrated Process - Project